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At The Nook Hair Design, Michele understands that every client comes with their own desires and needs. From unique hair conditions to the need for a little pampering before a big day, she strives to meet all her clients' wishes and exceed their expectations for high quality services.

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$65 Women's Haircut
$30 Men's Haircut
$25 Child's Haircut (12 & under)
$35 Hair Styling / Roller Setting
$65 Up-do / Special Event
$65 Touch-up Color
$75 Single Process All-Over Color
$50 Accent Face-Framing Highlights
$90 Partial Highlights
$125 Full Highlights
$130 Full Balayage
$160+ Ombre / Balayage Ombre
$25 Toner
$35 Base Breaker Glaze
$55 Makeup Applications
$75 Makeup Tutorial
$13 Brow Tint
$35 Eyelash Tint
$15 Eyebrow Waxing / Shaping
$12 Lip Wax
$15 Conditioning Treatment
$45 Olaplex All-Over
$35 Olaplex Add-In
$35 Scalp Treatment With Deep Conditioning
Marietta Women's Cuts

Women's Cuts

Hair cutting is truly an art. Everyone has a different head shape, texture, and hairline. Everyone also has different ides of what they want; this where choosing someone with a lot of experience is best. I really tune in to my clients. I look at you as a whole - Your lifestyle, the time you are willing to invest in styling your hair, your face shape, neck, shoulders, and the texture of your hair including sparse areas and cowlicks.I take the time to look at pictures with my clients to customize the the perfect cut. I am a precision cutter: my haircuts have strong shaves and layers are fluid, not choppy or bulky. I will not cut your hair in five minutes, I take my true time taking small sections to ensure the best possible cut. I don't rely on texture to shape the hair but rather use it to support the shape. I use several techniques including thinning, razoring, slicing, and point cutting. I will then style the hair smooth so I can check the cut and add little accents that really make a good haircut into an amazing one. One last thing, I am a long hair girl. It is my solemn vow to never cut your hair too short. I always show you how much I am going to cut before I snip at all so we are all in agreement!

Marietta Men's Hair Cuts

Men's Hair Cuts

Whether you want a fade, a disconnect, a classic cut or a rugged look, I’m your girl! Cutting men’s hair has always been a love of mine. I will trim your facial hair, eyebrows, and clean up you neck and upper back hair. I can also show you how to style your hair. I take personal pride in the fact that my guys all tell me they get an extra week or two out of my cuts. This is because I pay special attention to that bulky area on the top and sides of your head, which a lot of stylists leave too long. Your fresh cut will look great and will continue to look good as it grows out. I also promise not to cut way up into your hairline! A natural hair line looks best! Come to the Nook and relax with a scalp massage, shampoo, and custom haircut. Get all your pesky hairs cleaned up and you should be able to go 4-6 weeks before you need you next cut! I also offer 5-minute color cameos that will blend the grey out of your hair. For only $20 additional you will leave feeling 5 years younger!

Marietta Kids' Cuts

Kids' Cuts

I know that it can be hard to find the right hairstylist for your child, especially if he or she is fussy in the salon chair. No worries! Being a mother myself I understand and love kids and am a patient kid-friendly stylist. Not only will I work with you to find a style that both you and your child will love, but I'll be sure to keep your child happy during the process!

Marietta Hair Color

Hair Color

Blond? Brown? Red? Or something truly unique? Whatever color you desire, you can be sure you are in good hands. I offer over 25 years experience as a color specialist and educator. You will only get the best quality in hair color at The Nook. I use Davines color and Ammonia Free Color. Davines is a high end organic color line from Parma, Italy and is made with the finest ingredients. The color is so conditioning it is like a hair treatment and leaves the hair with incredible shine. Davines has a dimensional quality and accentuates subtle nuances in hair tone, leaving the hair color natural but shiny. The ammonia free color has a reflective quality to it and is gentle for the most sensitive of scalps. In addition to Davines color I also use a selection of Redken Shades EQ for high shine color gloss and Schwartzcopf and L'Oreal Majirel for extremely resistant hair. I 100% guarantee you will be happy with your grey coverage. Whether you need a color correction, a subtle enhancement, or a dramatic change, a I will listen what you want and offer you suggestions based on you lifestyle, skin and eye tones, to create the best color for you and your most beautiful self. And I'll make sure to keep your hair healthy in the process.

Marietta Blonding


Do you want to be blond? Blond hair can be very beautiful. However, if not done right, blonding can be very damaging and expensive. When we have consultation, I will bring to the table many options for the health, affordability, and sustainability of your blond hair dreams. I will explain options and create a schedule you can afford to maintain. For example, if you are set on highlights we can schedule glazes or breaks in between highlights with a partials or face framing highlights. This preserves your hair from overlapping or becoming too blond. It also makes it more affordable and sustainable for you while reducing unnecessary stress to your hair. Also another alternative to highlights is doing an ombre or balyage ombre which allows for larger gap time in between touch ups. This is very low maintenance and can be maintained with a few face framing highlights or and base breaking glazes.

If you are already a blond naturally we can discuss using highlift color instead of lightener. This is much more gentle on your hair and gives a softer look.

Do you want platinum blond? I am meticulous about not overlapping to ensure no breakage. If this is your desire I will put you on a schedule of pre-booked appointments. It is important you come in every 3-4 weeks to eliminate bands of gold. We can discusss Olaplex to keep your hair healthy. We will make sure that platinum or solid blond hair is within your budget and that you have time to sustain it with monthly appointments. Your blond will be babied I ensure you. With rebonders like Olaplex and my post color sealers and complimentary deep restorative conditioning treatments. Your hair will feel amazing and if you are able to commit to the maintenance your blond will always look fresh and bright!

Marietta Balayage


For natural looking hair that is full of vibrancy there is no better way to achieve the perfect look than professionally hand painted highlights. Blending blonde in a soft manner that melt our of your natural hair color, or add them to a change of color or after you have hidden the grays, for an eye-catching and modern way to have your hair highlighted. Balayage is also amazingly low maintenance so you won't need to come every 2 months for a touch up like you do with regular highlights. Balayage can be touched up with face framing highlights periodically but typically a full balayage can last over 6 months. You can also discuss with me about more trendy looks like a balayage ombre or color melts!

Marietta Highlighting & Special Effects

Highlighting & Special Effects

Highlights and lowlights, balayage and ombres - today's dimensional color is limitless. Whatever you are looking for, we can achieve with a variety of different color techniques from classic highlighting and low-lighting to hand-painted highlights that give a sun-kissed, natural look. Beautiful ombres and color melts can be in a wide range of creative options. Color melting from one deep shade into another, like chocolate browns into caramel or deep violet into pastel pink. Today's color options are truly an art. What your imagination can conceive together we can achieve!

Marietta Styling


Getting a haircut is one thing, but what sets The Nook apart is my dedication to professional styling. I am always up to date on the latest trends in fashion and the newest techniques in hair styling, and The Nook is outfitted with the latest and highest quality beauty products to achieve that camera-ready look you desire. While I'm styling your hair, I'll be giving you tips and tricks so you can replicate the look for your next event, and I'll make sure that your styling won't go limp but will last through your event, even if you spend the entire night dancing. Got a big occasion coming up? Whether you're looking for a formal updp, a loose chignon, or a voluminous style - I'll make you stand out ahead of the crowd.

Marietta Waxing & Tinting

Waxing & Tinting

Want a hair removal solution that will last longer than your average shave? Try The Nook's waxing services. I remove unwanted, annoying hair from your face, and can also tint your brow and lashes to cut down on the time you spend on your makeup routine. believe that one hair can change the look of a flawless brow. After receiving your input, I highlight the areas to be waxed with white eyeliner so you can have a visual of what areas of hair will be removed and we can both be on the same page. I also do chin and lip waxing as well as tinting your brows or lightening them. During the summer, try getting your lashes tinted during pool days to combat the bleaching that occurs from pool and sun. If you are a blond, tinting blonde lashes really helps with make-up application.

Marietta Makeup


Makeup makes a world of difference in giving you the confidence you need. I focus on accentuating and bringing out my clients' natural beauty, rather than masking their appearance with product. The Nook also offers individual tutorials on choosing and applying makeup with a specific look in mind. I have spent years of my career solely working as a MUA, so this is a practice I have devoted much time into developing, rather than just an extra add-on I am offering.

Marietta Rexturizing Services

Rexturizing Services

Perms, Keratin Smoothing Treatments, and more to make your hair more manageable.